Skip Bins Ready for Gold Coast Delivery

Skip Bins Ready for Delivery

Helpful Hints

  • For delivery purposes, allow 1m around the bin for placement.
  • The only restrictions on items that can go into bins are Asbestos, tyres, liquids, oil or chemicals of any kind including paint, all food products and or putrescible waste.
  • Transport regulations prohibits us from carrying any materials higher than the  top rim of the bin.
  • These skip bins are available now on the Gold Coast for delivery

To calculate your bin requirements.

= 1 regular 6x4 box trailer filled to the rim
= 0.5 cubic metre

Helpful Advice

  • With a range of different size bins it makes it easy to find one to suite you needs for size and type of rubbish you may have, and also to fit conveniently on your site.
  • Bins with drop down doors make it easy to barrow in heavy material such as soil, concrete, brick etc.
  • Skip bins up to Size 8.5 lift straight up and down from the back of the truck so as not to damage the ground they sit on. If skip bins stay on grass it will yellow after a short period of time, some people worry that the grass will die but it will soon green up again once bin is removed.
  • Bins cannot be put on the road without appropriate police and council permits.
  • We offer a fast and reliable service with an all in one inclusive price so when you order your skip you know exactly what costs you are in for.
  • Payment is always charged on drop off of skip.