Hook Bins Ready for Gold Coast Delivery

Hook Lift Bins

Helpful Hints

  • 14m of cleared space is needed to put these bins down.
  • Available only for hire up to 7 days on special request only.
  • Items that cannot go in hook lift bins are as follows -

    Size 11 & Size 30

    • Asbestos
    • Tyres
    • Chemicals of any kind including paint
    • All food products

    Size 30

    • Soil
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Gravel or any heavy material
    All bins must not be loaded above the top edge of bin.


Hook Bins

Hook Lift Bins are for your larger type rubbish but have weight restrictions. Because of their size Queensland Government Transport weight regulations determine the weight that can be safely carried in these bins.

Helpful Advice

  • Bins are not permitted to go on the road or any council land such as nature strips without the appropriate transport department and council permits.
  • These bins must only go on level sites with no overhead power lines as the bins when coming on or off the trucks lift extremely high.
  • You need approximately seven meters of clear ground in length for the bin to sit and another seven meters in a straight line for the truck to walk out from under the bin.